ST: CDA 6958 Multi-core/Many-core Architectures and Programming (Spring 2008)


Prof. Huiyang Zhou 


Office Hours: 2:30pm-4:00pm F. at ENG3 243




·       Homework #1 is assigned (First due date: 2/1/08, Second due date: 2/8/08)

·       AMD/ATI guest lecture #1 by Mike Mantor (slides)

·       AMD/ATI guest lecture #2 by Justin Hensley and Jason Yang (slides part a, part b)

·       Lab set up for Nvidia G80 processors (by Jingfei)

·       Lab set up for Cell processors (by Hongliang)

·       AMD/ATI Guest lecture #3 by Jason Yang (Brook+, AMD IL)

·       Homework #2 is assigned (First due date: 2/15/08, second due date: 2/22/08, third due date: 2/29/08)

·       Lab set up for ATI GPUs (by Martin)

·       AMD/ATI Guest lecture #4 by Justin Hensley and Jason Yang (Performance analysis, case study: H.264 and AES)

·       Homework #3 is assigned (due date: 3/14/08)

·       Project is posted (first due date: 3/14/08)

·       Hongliang’s optimized matrix multiplication (code, makefile) using CUDA, which outperforms the matrix multiplication algorithm from Nvidia CUBLAS by around 56% (168 GFLOPS including data transmission between CPU and GPU for 4kx4k matrices).

·       Homework #4 is assigned (due date: 4/20/08)

·       Project Presentation Time: 9:30am-4:30pm, 4/25/08

·       Project Presentation Schedule











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